The new Lost Ark class, Glaiver, receives official release date

Lost Ark receives a new class that players can try, known as the Glaiver, and we now have an official release date for this new character. This character will be in the fifth martial arts class along with Wardancer, Soulfist, Striker and Scrapper. The glaiver will “cut and slash through the battlefield and weave attacks along with his spear into the glaive.”

This news was released on Lost Ark’s official Twitter account, with a GIF view a picture of the Glaiver’s weapon. This class will be released next week on April 21 as part of the weekly update, while an update will be rolled out this week to form the basis of the class’ new release.

Another new class in Lost Ark, Destroyer, will be released sometime in May. The Destroyer is a Warrior class, making him the fourth Warrior character along with Berserker, Paladin and Gunlancer. There is no official release date for Destroyer yet, nor an indication of when in May the character will be released.

It is also unknown whether this update will include the second promised content to be released in April, namely the new continent South Vern and a Powerpass to help players upgrade their alternate characters.