PlayStation adds Hideo Kojima games to the PlayStation Studios banner

One of Hideo Kojima’s games has been added to a banner featuring first-party PlayStation titles from PlayStation Studios. Hideo Kojima has worked closely with PlayStation since leaving Konami after the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in 2015. After a very public outcry, PlayStation backed up his first independent game, which was later revealed as Death Stranding. Although it was also on PC, it has been locked to PlayStation platforms on consoles and it is likely that this is where the franchise will remain. With that said, Hideo Kojima is currently independent and is generally allowed to function as he pleases. A rumor from 2021 suggested that Hideo Kojima is working with the Xbox on a new cloud-based horror game, but that has not been officially confirmed in any feature.

Sony has updated the PlayStation Studios banner to remove it Concrete Genie from a variety of games and replace it with Death Stranding (via ResetEra user Toumari). Fans noticed this especially as Death Stranding is the only game in the series not made by a Sony-owned studio. Sony officially owns Death Stranding as IP, so that’s likely to be the reason it was included, but some fans hope it means Sony has bought Hideo Kojima’s studio. There were rumors recently of a really big PlayStation acquisition on the horizon, but nothing has come to anything. It is unclear whether Kojima would be open at all to no longer be independent, but he has made interesting moves lately. Hideo Kojima and his Kojima Productions team are moving offices, which has led many to believe that the developer is expanding a bit.

Hideo Kojima is currently working on two games, one of which is believed to be Death Stranding 2. The developer has not yet given any details about his next project, but confirmed that he would be performing at The Game Awards 2022, probably with the first trailer for his new game in hand. We will probably have to wait until then for other essential information.

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