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Blackmagic Design has unveiled a number of new products, including the DaVinci Resolve 18 video editing / color correction app and Blackmagic Cloud, a cloud collaboration system designed for editors, VFX artists and others. It also launched the “Cloud Store” network storage box that uses a familiar-looking cabinet.

The key product is DaVinci Resolve 18, which now includes a feature called Blackmagic Cloud designed to help content creators work together. Multiple users around the world can instantly share projects, allowing editors, colorists, VFX artists, and sound engineers to collaborate in real time on the same timeline.

Blackmagic Design unveils 'Cloud Store' with the same cabinet as its eGPU

Blackmagic design

A big part of it is the Blackmagic Proxy Generator App, which automatically generates small proxy video files (H.264, H.265 and Apple ProRes) that can be quickly transferred over the Internet. The idea is that remote editors can complete their work on proxies, then the colorist or VFX editor can automatically relink to the much larger original camera files. It also has new intelligent media placement management, which eliminates the need to manually relink or search for video, music and other assets.

Resolve 18 also introduces new creative features, the largest of which is a new object mask that can recognize and track thousands of types of objects. “The DaVinci Neural Engine intuitively isolates animals, vehicles, humans and food, plus countless other elements for advanced secondary classification and power application,” Blackmagic wrote in a press release.

It also lets you create a 3D depth feed of a scene to quickly gradient the foreground separated from the background. Another cool feature it demonstrated was a warp tracker that lets you create a mesh over complex objects like the logo on a T-shirt, and then delete it or replace it with something else in a way that looks natural and realistic. out.

There are a host of other new features like “ultra beauty” for corrective beauty work, new transitions, enhanced subtitle support and more – check out Blackmagic’s press release for a detailed list. The DaVinci Resolve 18 beta is now available for free download, or you can pay $ 295 for the Studio version.

Blackmagic also announced the Cloud Store, a network storage box that uses the same case as its eGPU for Intel Macs. The idea is that you can load it with 20TB, 80TB or 320TB of storage built from high speed M.2 SSDs. It uses a RAID 5 configuration for fault tolerance and has enough speed to completely saturate the four 10G Ethernet connections. “It’s so fast that multicam editing is incredibly smooth, even when used with massive digital film camera files,” the company said.

Blackmagic used the eGPU box as it has a reasonably professional look and it is also almost silent so it can be placed directly on a desk. Each port can be connected to a separate computer or used together for 40G Ethernet. It has a USB-C to Ethernet adapter built-in, so it can be plugged directly into the USB-C port on a laptop for, for example, location work. It can sync footage with multiple editors using Dropbox files, which can be automatically moved to Blackmagic Cloud for collaboration.

The Cloud Store is designed for professional installations, priced at $ 10,000 for the 20TB model and $ 30,000 for the 80TB model (this storage space includes the additional RAID 5 parity drives required). There is no price for the 320GB box, but it can be over $ 100K. If all that’s too much, Blackmagic Design also unveiled the $ 3,000 Cloud Store Mini for $ 10,000 for 10TBs with fewer ports and RAID 0 (no redundancy) along with the $ 395 Cloud Pod, a “bring your own disk” setup with 10G connectivity .

Blackmagic Design unveils 'Cloud Store' with the same cabinet as its eGPU

Blackmagic design

Finally, Blackmagic launched the HyperDeck Shuttle HD, a recorder / player designed to be used on the desktop with products such as the Atem Mini switcher. You can play media from USB-C discs or SD cards or record an HDMI signal from a camera or other source. From there, you can scroll through footage using the jog dial and even use it as a teleprompter. HyperDeck Shuttle HD is now available for $ 495.

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