Choose your Titan – King, Godzilla and Mechagodzilla time-limited bundles Highlight Call of Duty®: Vanguard and Call of Duty®: Warzone ™ Store offerings for the Classified Arms season of content

Before Monster of All Battles begins, operators can prepare for Battle Pass season three, featured by prototypical weapons and over two dozen free items through the Battle Pass system:

– Two hard-hitting free functional weapons. Aim true with the hard-hitting M1916 or spray a stream of rounds with the lightning-fast Nikita AVT, both for use in multiplayer, zombies and War zone.

– Over 25 free items, including new sights, weapon drawings, phone cards. Diversify your optics with “Wide Eye” and “Box Out” reflective reticles. Equip new weapon plans like the “Retrofashioned” shotgun, the “Regimental” rifle and the legendary “Photon Phantom” pistol. Show off the new “Factory Settings” and “Core Reaction” Calling Cards, plus a new Charm, Operator Skin and MVP Highlight, free for all players.

– Run on to level 25 with Battle Pass Bundle. Download the Battle Pass package to access all 100 levels, and instantly skip 25 levels *, giving instant access to a quarter of season three Battle Pass items with a single purchase, plus access to three new legendary Beatrice skins .

1,300 total COD points. Few 300 free COD points in the Battle Pass system, plus 1,000 more to unlock across the entire Battle Pass.

Recruit Mateo Hernandez, instantly unlock additional rewards with Battle Pass purchases