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NEW YORK, NY, APRIL. 25, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – iToolab, a leading software company announces that iToolab RecoverGo has again encountered major updates, and the software has now become a full-scale tool to recover various types of deleted files from an Android device. Aside from the conventional file types, the new iToolab RecoverGo V6.0.0 now also supports WhatsApp data recovery. This means that users will now be able to recover deleted WhatsApp data and deleted WhatsApp Business data on their Android devices and avoid losing important conversations from WhatsApp.

ITOOLAB RecoverGo - Android

To believe Jack Ma, CEO of iToolab, it was extremely necessary to incorporate the WhatsApp data recovery feature into their Android recovery solution. Jack says: “Many users end up losing their WhatsApp data while switching to another smartphone or due to external factors such as malware attacks. Our engineers wanted to devise a recovery solution that allowed users to recover all types of data, including WhatsApp messages, calls, media, etc. And that’s why we’ve released the new RecoverGo V 6.0.0, which will now allow users to recover deleted WhatsApp data on Android without any hassle. “

What is new

1. Recover deleted WhatsApp data

RecoverGo now supports WhatsApp data recovery. So if users have a regular WhatsApp account and they have accidentally lost their data, RecoverGo will give them the freedom to download it completely and avoid data loss. RecoverGo supports WhatsApp chats, call logs, media files, etc. This means that even if you have lost all your WhatsApp data, you will be able to easily get it back.

2. Recover deleted WhatsApp Business data

In addition to the conventional WhatsApp accounts, RecoverGo also provides data recovery support for WhatsApp Business accounts. Any user running a Business WhatsApp account will be able to retrieve his lost files using RecoverGo and recover them back on the device within seconds.

Here is a list of all file formats that users will be able to recover under the WhatsApp (Business) data recovery feature:

  • WhatsApp Chats
  • Call logs
  • Documents such as PDFs, Word files, PPTs, etc.
  • Photos and videos
  • Audio messages


Recover lost data from Android device

For anyone who does not know, RecoverGo is a full-scale data recovery solution specifically tailored to help Android users recover deleted data on their Android devices. You can use RecoverGo to recover a large number of deleted files:

Photos, videos, call logs, contacts, messages, audio, documents, compressed, installation, e-book and even WhatsApp (Business) data.

Compared to other available options, the success rate of RecoverGo is relatively higher, and its user-friendly interface also makes it easier to recover data, even for non-technologically savvy individuals.

With RecoverGo, users can recover data in various situations. Whether they have lost data due to accidental deletion or an unexpected malware attack, RecoverGo will allow them to recover all the lost files within a few minutes. RecoverGo even works on a damaged device – so even if your device has suffered physical damage and does not respond, RecoverGo will still retrieve all data and prevent major data loss.

Price and availability:

In terms of price, RecoverGo is a relatively affordable data recovery solution than other available options. Users can grab the latest version of RecoverGo for as low as $ 39.95 a month. Given a comprehensive list of features, the tool is totally worth its price.

Package and price

  • 1-year plan – $ 39.95 pr. month
  • 1 month plan – 39.95 USD per. month
  • Lifetime Plan – $ 49.95 (one time)

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About iToolab:

iToolab is a software development company with a team of experienced developers who constantly build mobile solutions to help users tackle different types of technical issues in their daily lives. The company has already developed dozens of mobile solutions for both Android and iOS and has acquired more than 55,000 customers from around the world. Some of the popular software built by iToolab include RecoverGo, FixGo, UnlockGo and AnyGo.

All of these tools are designed to serve a specific purpose. For example, RecoverGo is a data recovery tool that allows users to retrieve their lost data from their smartphones. On the other hand, AnyGo is a location change tool that gives users the freedom to change GPS location with a single click. After serving the tech industry for a decade, iToolab still works with the same vision of providing users with innovative software solutions that they can use to solve various technical errors on their own.

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