Destiny 2 nerfs Arbalest, Renewal Grasps and St0mp-EE5 in what may be the longest balance sheet ever

Hunter mains you might want to look away. Some of your favorite exotic things are being taken down to nerf town. (Image credit: Bungie)

Bungie’s weekly blog post about what’s going on in the studio is important reading for Destiny 2 gamers, so much so that several YouTube creators are preoccupied with just reading things up. Tonight they are going on a long shift, for the latest edition is one jokker. This week’s handover breaks down a number of changes to the way airborne combat works, details of significant inbound weapon-fine adjustments, and nerves / buffers a lot of weapon sheet types and specific exotic items. It runs up to almost 9,000 words and is very much a juicer in the language of young people.

For very obvious reasons, I will not list all the changes – most of which will go live next season – but here are six highlights that stood out to me:

1. Airborne matches get a total rework