Godzilla and King Kong come to ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ | Engadget

Crossings between games and other entertainment areas are becoming more and more common. That same day, it emerged that the Wu-Tang Clan was coming Fortnite(?), Activision Blizzard confirmed a long-rumored crossover for Call of Duty: Warzone. Godzilla and King Kong arrive at Battle Royale on May 11th.

The event is called Operation Monarch, and it’s not entirely clear exactly how these movie monsters will fit into War zone. However, a blog post notes that the event will introduce a new four-player Quads mode “based on more classic experiences with a titanium-sized twist.”

Despite their militaristic vibes and attitudes, War zone and the Call of Duty series in general is not exactly known for hyperrealism. They have long had zombie states. Still, this seems like a strange crossover, especially considering that Godzilla vs. King the film was released over a year ago.

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