Destiny 2’s Xur has an almost perfect exotic you should grab now

It’s the time again when Destiny 2 vendor Xur has woken up and decided to start handing out the God Rolls. And he has more or less three extremely good exotic things you should grab, in addition to one that is really close to a perfect roll.

The main attraction is the random roll Xur (in Nessus’ Watcher’s Grave this week) sells on Hawkmoon, a Destiny 2 PvP staple. His roll has:

Hammer-Forged Rifling – Increased Range

Alloy Tray – Reloads faster when the tray is empty

Rangefinder – Better zoom and range while aiming

Combat Grip – Controls strong recoil

Between the Rangefinder and the Hammer-Forged, there’s an incredible amount of extra range for the hand cannon, where it remains the main state. But combat grips allow it to gain additional recoil control as well. Alloy magazine is generally not a popular choice most weapons, but when your exotic headgear is about doing great damage with the last round of the chamber, it’s actually a kind of Perfect perks for this weapon.

As always, these exotic reels Xur sells at Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale are not cheap. They require an exotic cipher, an Ascendant Shard, 125,000 Mica and 200 Legendary Shards. I guess it’s better than cultivating the original Hawkmoon mission a billion times to get this roll, but still, it’s a lot.

The other two things worth checking out this week?

If you missed one of Xur’s previous Dead Man’s Tale god rolls, this one is still really good this week. It has Vorpal, Full Bore, High Caliber Rounds and Short-Action stock, which may not be perfect, but it’s really good.

The second item is for Warlocks, where Xur sells a Nezarec’s Sin helmet with 69 total stats, just two out of the total max, which also has a distribution of 15 refunds and 26 disciplines. Nezarec’s is a great choice for void 3.0 builds where you generate ability energy on void damage kills. This is what I used before Secant Filaments came around.

Xur has definitely got his mojo back after being thrown out in the first month of the season and only sold low-state armor. But his exotic weapon rolls have been on lately and you really should pay attention every week when he shows up. That’s why I’m writing this post!

It seems unlikely that Xur will get more exotic added to his collection in the future, given that the “random roll” exotic idea seems to have been folded into craftsmanship to some degree with glaives and Osteo Striga. But he will probably keep selling this pair for an indefinite future and we will see what he brings us next time.

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