Did Google hold back Galaxy Galaxy 4 to help Pixel Watch?

In August 2021, fans of smartwatches got what many of us had always hoped for: a Samsung laptop with Google software. The watch that aimed to usher in this new era of Android wearables was the Galaxy Watch 4 series running a Wear OS 3 developed jointly by Samsung and Google. It had the core of the previous generation of Wear OS software, except for one notable omission: Google Assistant.

This is not a new revelation, but in the last few weeks it has made me think about the peculiar situation with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Google Assistant and the rumored Google Pixel Watch. Since Samsung released its smartwatch last fall, consumers have been told that Google Assistant was on the way – several times. But it’s almost eight months since the watch’s release date, and it’s still not here. I do not think it’s a coincidence.

To get our hopes up

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

(Image credit: Chris Wedel / Android Central)

I bought the Galaxy Watch 4 – twice – and although Google Assistant was not a significant contributing factor in any of the purchases, it lifts its annoying head every time I want to use it on my watch. I was so excited when it looked like the feature would be rolled out to the laptop any day now, only to find out it was a bug.