Elden Ring’s most famous player immortalized in fan-made mod | Engadget

Over the last week has Elden Ring the community has been fascinated by Let Me Solo Here, a player whose abilities for the hard game are matched only by their fashion sense. The legend of LMSH was born when a Reddit user recently shared their experience of fighting Malenia, an optional boss you can find towards the end of FromSoftware’s latest game.

Blade of Miquella is a tough challenge even for the most seasoned Soulsborne veterans. She is agile with an expansive movement set that becomes more deadly as she enters her second phase. After falling for his katana dozens of times, Reddit user Sazed813 turned to the game’s summoning feature to call for help.

As with most of FromSoftware’s latest titles, you can invite other players to help you with the game’s most challenging boss battles. And when Sazed813 used that feature, Let Me Solo Answered Here. For a series known for its, LMSH immediately stood out. They entered Sazed813’s game with nothing but a pot on their heads, two katanas and a loincloth. But what they then continued with was even more impressive. True to their name, Let Me Solo Here took up Malenia on their own and made it flawless.

Since becoming famous, Let Me Solo Here has inspired no shortage of fan art, including a piece that Kentaro Miura would certainly approve if he were still alive today. And now there is even a courage for players who want to take the sword master on their adventure.

As notes, Elden Ring modder Garden of Eyes has created an add-on that adjusts Lone Wolf Ashes, an early game item you can use to call a trio of spectral wolves to your side, instead of developing a computer-controlled version of Let Me Solo Here . You do not get the legend itself, but the beauty of the courage is that you can use it almost anywhere it is possible to use spirit summonses, including matches out in Elden Rings open world. The catch is that Garden of Eyes currently only offers the mod to those who subscribe to theirs for $ 5 per. month. But if you ask us, it’s a small price to get a taste of Let Me Solo Here.

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