Fallout 76 Steam migration starts soon, Bethesda gives bonuses for doing it early

Fallout 76 Steam Migration

It starts on April 27th

Fallout 76 Steam migration starts in just a few short weeks, and on April 27, you can drop Bethesda Launcher altogether.

Bethesda has all the latest details here, including the announcement of a small perk for Fallout 76 players. So here’s the gist: on April 27, you can transfer everything to Steam. After May 11, the Bethesda Launcher switch will be turned off and you will not be able to use it at all. After this date, use Steam. Bethesda says it will “supply a tool” on April 27 that will make “the transition as smooth as possible.”

About these bonuses: “Anyone who makes an effort to migrate between April 27 and May 11 by assigning you 10 rankings on the Season 9 scoreboard. These gift series will be applied shortly after the start of Season 9 in June. ” In short, it’s a seasonal boost: so not the most exciting for people jumping back into the game, but nice for hardcore players already in the trenches.

And one more reminder to the hardcore gamers: Bethesda has a frequently asked question describing everything from what happens to the microtransaction currency on the Bethesda Launcher, to annual membership renewals through the various platforms that merge via Fallout 76 Steam migration.

All in all, it will feel nice to clean up the taskbar a little later in the month. Now we just need a couple of annoying launchers to do the same and get going.

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