Fisher-Price controller, adapted to play baby games Elden Ring

A baby playing with a Fisher-Price game controller sits in front of a castle in the Elden Ring.

I would like to see the baby controller.
Picture: Bandai Namco / Fisher-Price / Kotaku

It’s time again to reset the clock innovative and strange milestones players are up to in Elden Ring Community. This time, a gamer changed a children’s toy to a playable Xbox controller. This is not one Onion article, you are in the right place.

Dylan “Rudeism” Becka YouTuber who “plays games wrong,” modded one Fisher-Price Game & Learn Controller to a fully functioning big boy controller. For the Uninitiated in Baby’s “R” Us Lifestyle (RIP Geoffrey Giraffes) Fisher-Price Game & Learn Controller is, like any other game controller, an educational toy for 6-36 month old gamers in training to learn shapes, colors, the alphabet and numbers – all while fine-tuning their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. But instead of hungry for some hardcore “letter-learning action,” Beck wanted to use the toy against bosses in Elden Ring. Although the toy is shaped like a controller, it is not necessarily set up to be used with modern consoles.

The inspiration for Beck’s invention came after Wario64, the patron saint of all things gaming deals, tweeted a off-hand joke about Fisher-Price Controller says it was “perfect for Elden Ring“but” must not be allowed to EVO. “Beck took this personally. Within two weeks, Beck slipped away and modified the formative child toy to a fully grown controller according to. The edge.

You might be wondering how to go about upgrading your child’s early academic toys to a game controller you know for the child. Well, it turns out that all you have to do to give the Fisher-Price controller an Elite growth spurt is add an Arduino Pro Micro-clone controller card, actual joysticks, and some microswitches to its shoulder buttons, and voilĂ , baby’s first controller has just had its training wheel removed.

Just calm down, Mattel faithful, despite its lack of space for a battery, Beck’s modded controller still has all the OG Learn Controllers sound effects and songs to inform you that “1, 2, 3, 4, up goes your score.” as well as its Konami Code Easter eggs.

This is not Beck’s first rodeo modding thing to “play games wrong.” Previously, Beck played Dark souls using Morse code and Untitled Goosebumps using voice-activated spout and motion controls.