The ‘souls-very-like’ Thymesia is broadcasting a demo on Steam

Thymesia was revealed last year as a competent look, but not very imaginative soul-like – a “souls-very-like”, as Rich put it at the time. It was set to be released on December 31, 2021, a date often used as a placeholder until developers can set a real release date, and quite rightly, OverBorder Studio and publisher Team 17 announced today that the game will actually be out in August. 9.

With permission from IGN, we also have a new trailer showing Thymesia in action, and although I’m not an expert on the genre, I have to agree with Rich’s assessment that it actually looks like its stylistic ancestors. The Steam page works hard to separate it, with a tale of switching to a “raven form” during combat and using “plague weapons” in combat while battling to regain lost memories in the wake of a form of alchemical disaster.