Frequently Asked Questions about Android Wireless Auto Adapters – Motorola MA1, AAWireless, Carsifi

Wireless Android Auto is incredibly convenient, but it’s still relatively rare to find the feature built into your vehicle. But a simple Android Android Auto Adapter makes it incredibly easy to add functionality – here are some of the biggest issues surrounding the products.

What is a Wireless Android Auto Adapter?

Android Auto is typically used in wired form with a cable that connects your car to your phone. That connection slowly charges your phone while transferring data to the car to project Android Auto on the infotainment display. Wired Android Auto has become commonplace in just about every new vehicle, but its wireless counterpart is not.

As such, there has been a trend to offer adapters that can take over a car’s USB port and connect to your phone wirelessly. This was originally done in unofficial ways, but Google has actually officially licensed at least one product to support the functionality.

Motorola MA1, AAWireless, Carsifi – What’s the Difference?

There are currently three adapters that can add Android Android Auto to your car. The first to be released was AAW Wireless, which was developed by a small team and was brought to market on the basis of crowdfunding. The simple adapter has a detachable cable that connects to your car and projects Android Auto wireless to your car. It has an accompanying app that can provide firmware updates, assist with pairing, and make more advanced experience adjustments if you choose to do so. AAWireless is jack-of-all-trades in this comparison offers a simple setup and more under the hood.

AAWireless costs $ 85 and is still shipped through Indiegogo, usually with a one month waiting period depending on the region.

a wireless android auto adapter
AAW Wireless

That Motorola MA1, meanwhile, is the only product officially licensed to supply Android Auto Wireless for vehicles. It has a built-in USB-A connection and works without apps. Just pair over Bluetooth and the rest is handled as if you were connected to the car. The product’s focus is simplicitya goal it certainly reaches.

MA1 has been incredibly popular with customers, and it has led to the $ 90 wireless Android Auto dongle being completely sold out at Amazon and Target for weeks. You can try your luck with warnings, but this is a difficult device to get your hands on.

motorola ma1 android auto adapter
Motorola MA1

There is also another wireless Android Auto adapter that was born out of crowdfunding, Carsifi. This dongle is similar to AAWireless in that it has a companion app for advanced features and updates, but has an eye-catching feature in a quick switch button which allows you to easily switch the phone that the dongle connects to.

We’ve been using Carsifi a bit at this point, with a review on the way, but the $ 90 dongle seems like a solid option so far. It can be purchased through Indiegogo, typically shipping within a month.

carsifi wireless android auto adapter

Frequently asked questions about Android Android Auto Adapter

Will these adapters add Android Auto to my car?

One of the biggest questions we often see about Android Android Auto Adapters is whether they will add Android Auto to a vehicle that did not already have it.

The answer to that is unfortunately no. Your car must have the wired version of Android Auto, whether officially through the built-in infotainment system or through a main unit, to activate the connection wirelessly. These adapters only get rid of the cable requirement.

Does my phone work with an Android Wireless Auto Adapter?

In general, the vast majority of phones released in the last three to four years will work with a wireless Android Auto adapter. The exact requirements are as follows:

  • Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy device with Android 10 or later
  • Select Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 9.0 or later (Galaxy S8, Note 8)
  • Any Android smartphone running Android 11 or later
  • All devices need 5GHz Wi-Fi support

What if my connection drops?

One of the most common problems with any kind of wireless Android Auto is loss of connection, but luckily these are easy to fix. As we outlined in our post on how to use Android Auto Wireless, some troubleshooting steps may include:

If you notice that Android Auto is not connecting to your car, even though your phone is already paired, simply turn off Bluetooth and then back again. In general, the phone and car will quickly reconnect and things will be back to normal. Of course, your results may vary. Other troubleshooting steps may include:

  • Restarts your phone
  • Turns Bluetooth off and on again
  • Switches flight mode for a few seconds
  • Forget your car’s Bluetooth pairing and pairing of your phone

In the case of an Android Auto Auto Adapter, another safe troubleshooting step is to simply unplug it and reconnect the adapter. It restarts the mating process.

Some owners of Android Android Auto Adapters have also noticed that connections will tend to drop in certain areas. These devices use 5GHz Wi-Fi to transfer data between your phone and the adapter, so interference is certainly possible in some areas, though we would not say that it is particularly likely or common for most applications.

Is it normal for my phone to get hot while using Android Auto?

As mentioned, Android Auto Adapters use Wi-Fi to transfer data from the adapter to the phone without any wires. Like a mobile hotspot, this can result in your phone getting particularly hot while using an adapter. This is perfectly normal and generally safe. However, if you live in a hot climate or have a particularly hot day, it would be smart to make sure your phone is within range of the AC or keep it protected from direct sunlight.

Can I use an Android Auto Adapter with multiple phones?

Yes! Most wireless Android Auto Adapters are more than up to the task of connecting to multiple smartphones. The Motorola MA1 and AAWireless can both remember multiple devices, but will connect to what they last paired with. If you have two paired devices in the car at the same time, you will want to turn Bluetooth off on the one you does not want to connect to.

Carsifi, meanwhile, is designed with a button that can switch between previously paired phones.

Are there any adapters for both Android Auto and CarPlay?

At present, unfortunately, there are no solutions that support both Android Android wireless and wireless CarPlay on the same device. This is certainly unfortunate as it would be a wonderful tool for families who have a mix of Android phones and iPhones.

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