Genshin Impact’s next update is delayed

The new 2.7 update for Genshin Impact, the popular gacha game in the open world, has been delayed. The next patch was originally scheduled for May 10th. Developer Hoyoverse announced the delay Thursday night on Twitter.

The developers did not name any specific reasons behind the delay, but a Hoyoverse press representative told Polygon via email that it was “due to the project’s progress.” The setbacks are likely to be caused by lockdowns in Shanghai from Covid-19, where the Hoyoverse offices are located. The city has been in a strict blockade since early April.

Content from Genshin Impact typically rolled out according to a very timely schedule, generally the game will get a new update every week and include two three-week banners in each patch. The current 2.6 update, “Zephyr of the Violet Garden,” is in the middle of its second banner, and the game should be updated on May 10th. There have been no official announcements for the characters on the next banner or content in the 2.7 update, but it was likely that Yelan, a new five-star hydrobow user, would come since Hoyoverse revealed her official character art in late March.

Although the game is known to be updated on a regular schedule, fans have suspected a possible delay for weeks due to the shutdowns in Shanghai. In addition, game features such as decorating and building in Serenita Pot have been under maintenance for several weeks. As for the details of upcoming banners and how long the delay will last, Hoyoverse said more information is coming.

“For detailed information on the date of the new update, content adjustment plan and compensation, please stay tuned for upcoming announcements,” said a representative. “We will provide the corresponding information to travelers as soon as possible. We deeply regret the inconvenience.”