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Grab your gear and step into Spocco Square with Nintendo Switch ™ Sport game!

In the latest iteration of Wii Sports ™ series, you can play solo or meet your family and friends in six different sports: Football, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton and chambara (which is a kind of sword fight).

Now, if you think, “I’ve never played a sport. Can I still play this game?” Absolutely! Whether you’re part of the undefeated Wild Turkeys * or have never put on a pair of bowling shoes, intuitive motion controls allow you to hit the lanes (or lane, lane, etc.) regardless of your level of experience.

It’s playing time!

Bring the excitement of some of your favorite sports to life!


Whether you want to play solo or with friends **, there are a number of different football modes to try Nintendo Switch Sports.

  • Shoot-Out: You can meet an opponent on a single Nintendo Switch system in Shoot-Out ***. Each player gets five attempts to score a goal and see who can earn the most points. Attach a Joy-Con ™ controller to the leg strap accessory to kick a giant ball into ever-decreasing targets.

  • Fire-against-Fire: Play a 4 on 4 game with a friend on the same system, online **** with your team, or join an online group with random matchmaking. Whichever team scores the most points in three minutes will win.

  • One on one: Whether you want to play online or on the same system, you and a friend can compete on who can score the most points in two minutes.

  • Free training: In this single player mode, it’s just you and the ball. You can hone your skills as much as you want.


Send the ball over the net to try and hit the ground on your opponent’s side in volleyball. But keep in mind that you will have to prevent the other team from returning the service. You can hold and move a Joy-Con controller to serve, set, block, bump and spike your way to victory.


In Bowling, you can play solo or in teams of two players while aiming to tip pins at the end of the court. If each player has a Joy-Con controller, everyone can roll at once – no waiting! Try to be the last player to stand in Survival Bowling, or compete on courses with challenging obstacles in Special Bowling.


Ready to get started? Tennis lets you hold and move a Joy-Con controller like a racket to perform different kinds of turns. Try adding a top-spin or back-spin to your stroke by turning your controller.


In Badminton, you can hold and move a Joy-Con controller like a racket to perform various kinds of turns and trigger powerful smash-shots. Hit the shuttlecock back and forth over the net and wind rallies to score points.


Chambara lets you chop against your opponent while holding a Joy-Con controller with both hands, as if you were grabbing a sword. Use both attack and guard to catch your opponent off guard.

We hope you enjoy your time at Spocco Square! But please remember that no one wants to feel an unintentional anger of a controller. Please use the wrist strap on your Joy-Con controller, pay attention to your surroundings and make sure you have plenty of space to enjoy yourself.

Good game!