Plot details for Chris Pratt’s Super Mario movie reportedly have surface

This story contains potential spoilers for Illumination and Nintendo’s upcoming Super Mario Bros. animated film.

Allegedly leaked plot details from the Chris Pratt-directed Super Mario Bros. movie outline well-known story beats and locations from the ever-popular video game franchise.

In a Giant Bomb livestream, GamesBeat insider Jeff Grubb reportedly leaked information about the upcoming movie. The leaks appear to stem from a post on r / Mario subreddit, which the website subsequently removed due to a “copyright claim by a third party.” The post gathers a wealth of information from several people who claimed to have participated in test screenings for the film.

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During the livestream, Grubb said he is convinced the leak is legal due to the fact that the Super Mario Bros. movie release date was recently delayed. He said it is possible that the film was actually test-driven and was poorly received by the audience, leading to the postponement. Nintendo producer and game director Shigeru Miyamoto said in November 2021 that the film was “pretty much done,” and Charlie Day, who voices Luigi, said in January that he was working hard to record lines.

According to the leak, the film’s animation style is “cartoonish and full of life and colors”, similar to the style Hotel Transylvania. It is described as having a whimsical humorous style with lots of meta references for fans of the games. Mario and Luigi reportedly start the film with “worn and dusty” suits with muted colors, but upgrade their outfits to more flashy, more vibrant versions later in the film.

Since Chris Pratt’s cast as Mario was announced, fans have been wondering if the actor would adopt the character’s iconic Italian accent from the games. However, the leak claims that Mario and Luigi (Charlie Day) both have Brooklyn accents. Another surprising element is that the film is supposedly a musical, with a “handful” of songs mixed into the story. One song reportedly involves Bowser recalling his younger years, while another is said to be about plumbing. An ensemble song towards the end involves several characters – Toads sings about saving Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi sing about “not losing hope”, and Bowser and Peach quarrel “in time with the song.”

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The leak also gave a rough overview of the history of the Super Mario movie. The film is said to open with narration from the original Mario voice actor Charles Martinet, who appears in animated form to explain Mario’s background story. As part of the flashback, Martinet fights Donkey Kong, rescues Mario and is then absent for the rest of the film. The story then apparently moves into the “present” where Mario is famous. While investigating some malicious behavior between Kongs and Koopas in the sewer, he apparently encounters an “older, angry” Donkey Kong, and they both fall through a pipe and end up in the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser and Princess Peach are introduced, and Bowser subsequently kidnaps Peach.

At this point, a worried Luigi is said to follow Mario down the drain and down the pipe to the Mushroom Kingdom. He lands in the middle of a forest and encounters Yoshi. Meanwhile, Mario reportedly rushes into a fight with Bowser, who gives him the best and gets him thrown into the woods. Reunited with Luigi and Yoshi, the three defeat some clever Bowser clones, which turn into a “rough, indescribable combination of enemies” by defeat. The team reaches Bowser and his buddies, and the final battle begins. Kamek and Yoshi are said to go head to head during the fight, and Kamek gives Bowser a sponge, causing him to grow.

In the final stage of the match, Bowser allegedly chases the brothers through a pipe maze, which filters through several locations from the games. Mario and Luigi trick Bowser into going into a pipe leading to his own lava pit, where he appears to be meeting his end. In the wake of this, Mario decides to open his own plumbing business in Mushroom Kingdom, and in a post-credit scene, Bowser emerges from the lava as Dry Bowser – an undead and skeletal version of himself.

Whether these plot details are true or not, fans will surely find out when the Super Mario Bros. animated film hits theaters on April 7, 2023.

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