Google Fit and Fitbit activity metrics come to Nest monitors

Soon you will be able to track your steps and calorie counting from your smart screen

While we’re eagerly looking forward to Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch, evidence of its likely integrations has already emerged. According to a new help document on Google’s website, you’ll soon be able to see “activity metrics” on your Google Nest’s Wellness section, including your pedometer and calories burned measured by Google Fit or Fitbit.

Previously, the only health / fitness-related metric most of our readers had on their Assistant screens in the Wellness section, where the new data will be displayed, was sleep data – either tracked by second-generation Google Nest Hub (the screen includes a Soli radar module for tracking movement and breathing while you sleep) or supplied with existing Google Fit and Fitbit integrations.

Sleep tracking in the wellness section of the 2nd generation Google Nest Hub.

According to the new support document, seen by 9to5Google, the new integration will require three steps to work. You need to link your Google Fit or Fitbit accounts via the Google Home app (Google Home -> tap on your profile picture -> Assistant settings -> Wellness -> Activity -> Google Fit or Fitbit -> Connect) and activate proactively displayed personal results (Google Home -> den Nest Hub you want to display data on -> Settings -> Recognition and sharing -> Recognition and personalization -> Allow personal results and Always show proactively), and then activate the results in the Wellness section (Google Home -> tap on your profile picture -> Assistant settings -> Wellness -> Proactive health and fitness results -> turn on the Nest Hub you want to view data on).

Right now, Calm (the popular relaxation / meditation app) is the only integration shown in the Wellness -> Activity section, but both Google Fit and Fitbit come according to the support document, even though no timeline is specified. Device compatibility for the new integration is also not clear, and it is not immediately obvious whether this feature will apply to all Assistant-connected monitors or only certain models.

We have contacted Google for more information. Although this information is publicly available through company support documents, it is likely that Google will not be able to comment on upcoming features.

Current assistant and activity integrations for the assistant – Fitbit and Google Fit are already integrated when it comes to sleep, but they also come to the other section.

Deeper integration into fitness tracking on Google’s smart screen makes sense given what we know about their leaked product plans so far. Following Google’s acquisition of Fitbit, Fitbit’s CEO James Park previously said that Fitbit would drive the training experience on Wear OS 3.0, which the clock is expected to run, so deeper integration with Fitbit into Google’s ecosystem would be a requirement – fitness tracking is the most popular application for wearables . It is also rumored that Google is working on a new Nest screen with a removable screen, which can also benefit from this closer integration.


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