Nintendo Switch Sports fans accidentally smash TVs again

An image from Nintendo Switch Sports showing a player kicking a ball with a corrupted PNG-like file overlaid on top.

It’s like we’re back in the 2000s. Cropped cardigans are making a comeback, Biden is still in the White House, and Nintendo dropped one Wii Sports succeeds in the form of Change sports. The nostalgia is so eerie that players of Nintendo’s whimsical sports simulator once again throw controllers from their hands directly into their TVs and smash their screens.

Nintendo Switch Sports is a sports simulator that packs several mini-games together, including bowling, football, tennis and volleyball. Critics have called it that a solid return of the company‚Äôs long-awaited classic that will likely continue to destroy friendships in its wake. Like its previous entry, 2006’s Wii Sports, you use the wireless remote control’s built-in motion controls to play, which typically means you have to get up and be an active participant. And like Wii SportsBecause Joy-Con is a wireless controller, people are out here clamp remote controls right by their TV in in the middle of play. The result? An exploded screen.

A Twitch streamer by name 63 mand went viral the weekend after he casually tossed his red Joy-Con on his screen while playing tennis.

We’ve been here before. Over the last two decades on YouTube, you could not escape similar frightening situations where the players were seen throws the Wii remote at their TV while playing Wii Sports. There is entire assemblies of people completely destroying their screens every time the pain of regret stings a little more. It even happened during a segment on the Home Shopping Network back in October 2009 where some guy went so hard when he advertised the game and the console that he even smashed the TV … in the air. It was good.

Nintendo once again tried to limit these accidents by including wrist straps with Joy-Cons, just as it did with the Wii remote. But I bet you have not seen yours since you first opened the box three years ago. I know I have not, and now TVs are once again taking damage during play, a phenomenon that can be easily avoided if people just tied them to their arms.

Despite the unfortunate events that are likely to continue, Nintendo Switch Sports experiencing some success around the world. Especially according to GamesIndustry.Biz, the game claimed first place on the UK charts. It’s funny that TVs are smashed, just like sales figures are.

Nintendo made headlines recently after revelations about terrible working conditions for contractors and Joy-Con Repair Specialists was brought to light. So now is really not the time to throw these controllers on the wall.