Google Pixel Watch is leaking again and it looks familiar

We’re been hearing about the Pixel Watch for a long time, long time and it looks like it will finally be revealed on this year’s Google I / O. While not much has been leaked about it, we have had a rough idea of ​​what to expect when it comes to its appearance and some of its features. Now it seems that the first official rendition has been leaked thanks to 91 Mobileand that is consistent with some of what we have already seen.

Pixel Watch Rohan renders

YouTuber John Prosser has previously shared renderings of what Google internally called the Pixel Watch, giving us our first look at the overall design of the smartwatch. It packs a very similar design to what 91 Mobile reports, with the single crown to the right and the curved display all around. 91 Mobile did not share other images, but one image shows a pedometer, a Fitbit logo and what appears to be a heart rate monitor.

We’ve heard a lot of rumors about Google Pixel Watch, which might finally launch sometime this year. Google has been developing its own Wear OS software platform since 2014, but in all that time, the company has never sold a Google-branded smartwatch with it. There have been rumors of a Pixel-branded watch (or just a Google-branded watch) for years. We also saw potential dials leaked, two of which later appeared in the reproductions leaked by John Prosser. Finally, information gleaned from the Wear OS 3.0 emulator revealed that the watch may have both the next generation of Google Assistant and an Exynos chipset.

As we learn more about the Pixel Watch, it becomes clear that something happens behind the scenes. All indications are that we’re hearing more sooner rather than later, and we’re looking forward to this year’s Google I / O in the hope of doing just that.

Source: 91Mobiles

Feature Image: Previously leaked (supposed) Google Pixel Watch images from FrontPageTech