Google’s handy scrollable snapshot of your day has disappeared from phones

Google’s Snapshot feature, which was introduced back in 2018 and occasionally (but not often) updated, is finally gone, according to an article on 9to5Google.

The Android feature, which could be accessed via a small and easily overlooked inbox icon on the Assistant screen, would display all your current information via a scrolling interface – things like appointments, weather forecasts, traffic and reminders. It was a small but useful feature – unfortunately it was not easy to find either, unless you knew where to look. As a result, it’s likely that not many Android users actually knew about it.

So it was almost inevitable that Google would eventually announce that Snapshot would be sunset – which it did when it started running messages in the app back in March. And now 9to5Google reports that the feature seems to have disappeared completely from Android phones. (It is certainly not on my Pixel 6 phone running Android 12, although it was still available on my original Pixel running Android 10.)

Can you find the small inbox icon that will access Snapshot?  Tip: it's in the top corner.

Can you find the small inbox icon that will access Snapshot? Tip: it’s in the top corner.

If Snapshot has not disappeared yet, it is about to be.

If Snapshot has not disappeared from your Android phone yet, it is about to do so.

Google has been trying apps designed to collect and present our personal information to us for years. It created Google Now back in 2012 to act as a comprehensive digital personal assistant; that app was slowly phased out over the years in favor of the much more interactive (and verbal) Google Assistant, and its collections of visual information were (sort of) replaced by Snapshot.

You can now count Snapshot as one with all the other Google apps that have gone to the grave. If you are a Snapshot fan and want to get the information that used to be available, Google has released a support page with the various places you can find this data. Or you can just say “Hey Google, what have I planned for today?”