Samsung Galaxy S20 screens mysteriously fail

Lines of dead pixels streak down the screens of some Galaxy S20s

Samsung phones usually have excellent screens, but that does not mean they are perfect. Last year, we learned about a wave of dying Galaxy S20 screens where the phone would display a green tint and have visible lines running across it. We were hoping that would have been the end of things, but now, less than a year later, another screen issue seems to be affecting some unfortunate Galaxy S20 phones.

Multiple users across Twitter (shrinu16, Thesourya2000, amla_sharouk), Reddit (u / bananabanana9876) and Samsung’s customer forums report that pink or green lines streak down the screens of their Galaxy S20 phones. Many of those who run into the problem notice that it happened within a few days of updating the phone’s software, but considering that some of these cases go back to August 2021 and some are as new as this week, it is unclear whether the defect was specifically triggered by software updates, or if something completely different is behind it.

@ Thesourya2000 damaged S20 +

Photo: @ Thesourya2000 on Twitter

Seeing streaks of stuck pixels like this on an OLED screen is not unheard of. Maybe when a new phone is released for the first time, some defective devices slip through quality control – or maybe physical damage from a blow or fall is to blame. But neither of these seem so likely here as we are both so far into the life cycle of the phone and see such similar reports from multiple users.

A lucky S20 owner was able to get a free screen repair from Samsung last year, but most of the others are left out in the cold now that their warranty has expired and face an expensive bill to have the screen replaced.

While this feels like a separate issue from the green screen of death we reported last year, it raises its own questions about the durability of Samsung’s screens. It is certainly worrying to see such reports, especially when you include all phones from other OEMs that use Samsung monitors. Hopefully this is not something we hear about more often.

We have contacted Samsung for a comment but have not heard back yet. We will update the story if there is further development.

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