Halo Infinite gets McDonald’s Crossover

Halo infinite has been recognized by fast food company McDonald’s. Xbox-exclusive first-person shooter released in late 2021 after a long wait. The game came about six years later Halo 5, a post that divided the fan base and made 343 reconsider what they did with the franchise. The developer chose to turn Master Chief’s sixth mainline adventure into a semi-open world game that, for the most part, stands on its own, almost acting as a soft reboot of the story that 343 had told in the last decade. In addition, 343 plan to support the game in the coming years, and it looks like McDonald’s has found a way to get in.

On Instagram, McDonald’s posted three photos of Master Chief with various items, including a spoon, a straw and a giant McDonald’s french fries with the caption “Which Halo unlock are you excited about?” Tragically, it’s unlikely that McDonald’s will actually have any items in the game in Halo infinite, but it is not impossible. Xbox is reportedly planning to allow brands to advertise on its platform later this year via free-to-play games. Halo infinite‘s multiplayer is free to play, so McDonald’s can join the game by the end of 2022 if Microsoft follows its plans.

Nevertheless, it’s fun to watch Master Chief hold a comically large french fries. Halo infinite is scheduled to receive its second season of content in early May 2020. During the season, 343 are expected to finally add the opportunity to play the campaign in co-op. The feature was previously a fixed component of the franchise, but the developer launched without both it and Forge mode. Unfortunately, there is no concrete schedule for Forge mode, but it is still expected to be launched at the end of the year. In addition to all this, it is strongly rumored Halo infinite will also get a battle royale, but nothing is directly confirmed.

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