Horizon Forbidden West’s 10 Most Badass Robot Dinosaurs

Aloy fights a woolly robot mammoth in the Horizon Forbidden West.

The Tremort tusk, seen here in concept art form, is one of the 10. But where does it rank?
Picture: Guerrilla

There are many, many things that do PlayStation World Horizon forbidden west incredibly excellent. The dynamic hero, Aloy, is one. The mysterious, global story is another. But really, what I love most about Horizon’s world are all the amazing robotic dinosaurs.

Nu, i Horizon forbidden westthey are not called “robot dinosaurs. “They are simply called” machines, “which is a much better, more accurate description, because there are not only robotic dinosaurs, there are robotic bears, snakes, deer, and more. But doesn’t “robot dinosaur” just sound cooler? Anyway, I’ve spent 100 hours in the world of Horizon forbidden west fighting against these things. Forty were used completion of the main story and from there it’s about side missions, upgrading weapons, finding relics, and most importantly, to kill a ton of these robotic dinosaurs. It has reached a point where a few of them, even fully upgraded with the best weapons and armor in the game, still scare me. Others do not. And then I thought it was time to rank the 10 robot dinosaurs (okay, machines) that I find the scariest and naughtiest of the herd.

(Note: Two machines I disqualified are Specter and Tallnecks. Spectehbecause they are a little different for spoiler reasons, and Tallnecks are not hostile, even though they actually rule).