How to make a Mii for Nintendo Switch Sports

A Mii faces a sports buddy in Nintendo Switch Sports on the Nintendo Switch.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

REST IN PEACE Wii Sports. Bowling has only ten legs. Boxing is gone. The most anticipated mode – golf – is not even available yet. But perhaps the most heinous crime committed by Nintendo Switch Sports is how it totally sets aside Miis, the lovable oddball player-created avatars that have defined Nintendo accounts for years. However, it is technically possible to play as Mii in Nintendo’s new sports game, and we can show you how.

Nintendo Switch Sportsout today for the Nintendo Switch, is the de facto revival of Wii Sports, without a doubt one of the greatest cultural phenomena that has ever happened in video games. Like its ancestors, Nintendo Switch Sports is a sports sim where you use motion controls – Joy-Cons, in this case – to participate in various activities. Right now, six different mini-games are available: bowling, badminton, tennis, volleyball, football and chambala (or sword fighting).

The support of Nintendo Switch Sports involves competing against other players to earn points, unlock customizable items and dress up your in-game avatar, called a “sports buddy”. Compared to the MIs, sports mates are tamer, slimmer, a little more complex. (Some people will even go so far as to use words like “boring” and “zzz.”) If you prefer Miis’ surrealism, do two things.

How to create a Mii In Nintendo Switch Sports

  1. First, scroll down to the “Mii” menu from your Switch’s home screen settings, then click “create a new Mii.” You will see opportunities to make one from scratch or use one procedurally generated as a canvas. When done, they should appear in the “Mii List” menu. (You can save up to 100 Miis.)
  2. Next, start up Nintendo Switch Sports. When creating a character, the option is a bit buried: Under the “body” setting, you will see a button for “Miis”. You will be able to select any Miis from your Switch and import them to Change sports, however, note that it only brings to mind. (You’re right, that is strange that this option is under “body” so).

The choice to move away from Miis and against sports buddies has proven to be controversial for some longtime Nintendo fans.

Nathaniel Bandy, the popular Nintendo-focused YouTuber, quoted the eternally memorable Matt Mii as one of three crucial absent traits from Nintendo Switch Sports. But for those who need him Nintendo Switch Sports, he’s not quite gone! A fearless fan wrote a step-by-step guide to recreate the iconic Mii. But reasonable warning: You do not automatically get Matt’s legendary skills.