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The all-new PlayStation Plus is set to launch this summer, with a host of benefits wrapped up for those willing to pay a little more. It’s actually a combination of PS Plus and PS Now as we know it at the moment, but with a few extra features to boot. For example, the service’s new Premium level will have over 700 games to play, stream and download after launching in June.

But what happens to our current PS Plus memberships? There are plenty of PlayStation fans who have already piled up several years of PS Plus or PS Now, and some may even want to upgrade to the new Extra or Premium levels as well. Well, fear not, for we have all the answers right here. In addition, there is even some new information to check out when it comes to using prepaid PS Plus or Now coupons after the new service is launched.

PlayStation Plus: This is important for current members

If you missed it, there are three levels to the new PS Plus. Essential, Extra and Premium. Essentially, what the service is today is including multiplayer access, free monthly games, discounts and cloud storage. So it’s an easy transition for current members of PS Plus, you’ll simply be moved to the Essential level at launch. The Essential level will also cost the same as the current PS Plus, so you do not pay more either.

Stacking memberships are currently disabled

Sony has confirmed that it has stopped PS Plus and PS Now code stacking for existing members before the new PS Plus launch. If you have purchased a code and have not been able to activate it, wait until your membership expires or when the new PS Plus launches.

If you want to redeem the coupon then, whether you expire your PS Plus or you are now a Premium or Extra member, Sony has provided new information for converting these codes, which will be based on “the monetary value of that coupon , you redeem. ” For example, if you become a PS Plus Premium member but want to redeem a code for the standard 12-month PS Plus, it will instead be converted to around 6 months instead. We’ve also included a split chart of these conversion rates across all PS Plus levels below.

IGN: PS Plus and PS Now Voucher conversion information.

IGN: PS Plus and PS Now Voucher conversion information.

How to upgrade to PS Plus Premium and Extra

So once the new service launches and you become a PS Plus Essential member, you might be wondering how I get all the new features? To do so, upgrade to PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium. Each level will bring new benefits, so be sure to read up on the new PS Plus before you commit.

To upgrade to another level, the Sony PS Plus FAQ page states: “You will be charged a proportionate fee to increase the remaining time of your existing membership to the desired level.”

So if you have any time left on your PS Plus membership, pay the difference in the cost of upgrading to the more expensive levels. For example, if you paid for 12 months of PS Plus ($ 59.99 / year) and you want to upgrade to PS Plus Premium ($ 119.99 / year), you will have to pay an additional $ 60 to complete the upgrade and so on.

PS Now members get a Premium upgrade

When the new PlayStation Plus launches, all PS Now members will be rolled into the new Premium level for the remainder of their subscription period. This is the level with the most benefits and it is also the most expensive level available.

When this was first announced, a few PlayStation users took advantage of it quickly and effectively secured PS Plus Premium at half price. But this loophole has since been closed.

What about those with both PS Plus and PS now?

Sony has confirmed that PlayStation users, who currently have both PS Now and PS Plus memberships, will also be upgraded to PS Plus Premium when it launches. The length of this membership will then be equal to the longest subscription you own.

So if, for example, you have PS Now subscribed until August 2022 and an active PS Plus membership until September 2025 – that means you will be upgraded to PS Plus premium until September 2025. This is probably the best possible deal as you will did not have to pay any upgrade fees.

New PlayStation Plus: Confirmed games so far

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