Marvel’s Wolverine Animator provides new development update

A developer at Insomniac Games is working on Marvel’s Wolverine has provided a brief new update on the status of the project. Next to advertising Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 last year, Insomniac also revealed that it was in the process of creating a game associated with Wolverine. And while details of this game have been extremely sparse, since it was first shown, it seems that we now have a better idea of ​​how development is progressing.

On Twitter today, Insomniac’s Mike Yosh shared a new image that seemed to suggest the studio’s current work with Marvel’s Wolverine. Yosh, a senior animator at Insomniac, posted a picture of a motion capture studio. Though Marvel’s Wolverine was not specifically mentioned in the caption attached to the image, the implication was that Insomniac would do motion capture work for the game at some point today. No further information was provided by Yosh in this case, but we may start to see more of these behind-the-scenes looks in the future.

The best thing about this update from Yosh is that it tells us that work is continuing Marvel’s Wolverine actually seems to be pretty far along. When the project was first announced, Insomniac also revealed that it was still looking to staff up to develop the game. As such, it seemed Marvel’s Wolverine could have been pretty far away from being released. And while that’s probably still the case, knowing that motion capture is working on wolverine now apparently happening is a good sign.

For now, the one thing we know for sure is that Marvel’s Wolverine will be exclusive to PS5 when it comes out. At this time, the game has no launch window at all, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated here on as we begin to learn more.

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