Microsoft suggests further integration between Windows 11 and Android

Windows 11 Android integration

In a new job posting, Microsoft has confirmed that it is consolidating its Android efforts into a single division called ‘Android Microsoft Platform and Experience’. This move could allow further integration between Windows 11 and Android, and Microsoft may be planning to go further than Samsung phones.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced several job postings for its new section “Android Microsoft Platform and Experience”, which aims to bring apps / services Phone Link or Your Phone, SwiftKey, Microsoft Launcher and other services, including the ‘Surface Duo experience’ under one division.

The Android Microsoft Platform and Experience Team builds the future. We are a world-class platform, middleware, apps and service organization that brings end-to-end experiences to life on a wide range of form factors – empowering customers through powerful connections for Windows, M365 and Azure across the devices they use, ”the job posting states.

Although details are not available and we do not know exactly how the company plans to double its Android efforts, we expect major improvements of apps like Phone Link and Microsoft Launcher in the coming months.

For example, a future update may allow closer integration between these Android apps and Windows 11.

Microsoft focuses on the consumer market

Under the leadership of Satya Nadella, Microsoft has invested more in cloud computing and Office. However, Microsoft’s strategy seems to have changed after the pandemic, as the company has promised to make Windows better and make it a product that customers actively love.

“I want to move Windows away from people who need it – and know they need it – to love and desire it,” said Microsoft’s Panos Panay last year.

Although Microsoft has confirmed that it will not make phones again, the company can still create an interoperable experience similar to iPhone and macOS computers. By doubling its Android efforts and integration, Microsoft was able to convince more people to use Windows 11 for their daily tasks.

Microsoft recently updated its SwiftKey keyboard with Windows Clipboard Sync, and the company also renamed the ‘Your Phone’ application to ‘Phone Link’ with Honor-enabled devices, suggesting that existing partnerships with Samsung may change.