New GTA 6 leak suggests

GTA 6 could become one of the coolest games of this generation with incredible graphics thanks to the new Rage Engine 9.

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According to a new report from Chris Klippelan industry insider and the creator of Rockstar Magazine and Naughty Dog Magazine, we could easily expect something absolutely amazing when it comes to the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto franchise.

GTA V | Online: The contract trailer



GTA V | Online: The contract trailer





New GTA 6 leak suggests “incredible graphics” with new Rage Engine 9

In a tweet, Chris mentions that the new graphics engine of GTA 6, which is Rage 9, is likely to be quite incredible. He goes on to say that he has received quite positive feedback on it, so there is no reason to be disappointed right now.

What is remarkable is that Chris mentions that we are looking at an engine that will be ahead of its time. It means that GTA 6 could possibly boast graphics better than any other game out there in this generation, and it could be quite an achievement for the game. But if we look at Rockstar’s history, to say the least, it will not be particularly surprising. Rockstar is known for ventures like these, pushing the threshold and setting new benchmarks for the gaming industry.

When GTA 5 was released back then, it was without a doubt one of the coolest games across all platforms. Consider the game’s absolutely massive open world, and Rockstar’s efforts would look even more remarkable. Actually, GTA 5 to date, almost a decade after its release, it looks better than some open-world games recently released. On top of that, Rockstar has also managed to get the optimization in place, so it’s something that acts as the icing on the cake.

GTA 6 is without a doubt the most anticipated game of this decade and it will be interesting to see what the developers have in store for fans out there.