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As digital games become more and more popular with players on the Nintendo Switch, you need to find all the Switch eShop deals you can. So today you can save a few bucks on credit for the Nintendo eShop. If you’re already planning to spend money on eShop, buying the card through Amazon for $ 5 off is basically like getting five free dollars! And you need a place to store all these games so you can also see our sale on Nintendo Switch memory cards. And see our selection for deals on controller grips and Nintendo Switch battery packs.

Save $ 5 on $ 50 Nintendo Switch eShop Gift Cards

$ 50 Nintendo eShop gift card [Digital Code]


$ 50 Nintendo eShop gift card [Digital Code]

This $ 50 Nintendo eShop Credit is on sale for $ 45 dollars today. So if you buy one, you get five extra dollars to spend on Switch eShop for nothing. Nothing! And the agreement is stacked. So say there are two upcoming Switch games you are interested in, like Mario Strikers: Battle League and Nintendo Switch Sports, if you pick up two of these cards, you get $ 100 in credit for $ 90, which saves you money on the brand new upcoming Switch games.

Nintendo Switch memory cards are for sale

SanDisk 1TB Ultra microSDXC memory card
Samsung Evo 256GB MicroSD Card

If you are big on digital games on the Nintendo Switch, you will need a memory card to store them on. Fortunately, one of the best Nintendo Switch microSD cards is for sale today. You can get 1 terabyte of extra storage with this card from SanDisk. It’s at a great discount today, and comes in at $ 125- $ 75 cheaper than its usual price. You never have to worry about expanding your storage space again with this card. And if you want a cheaper solution, there is a 256 GB solution from Samsung that costs $ 27.99.

Save on Nintendo Switch controller grips and battery packs

FASTSNAIL grip for Nintendo Switch Joy Con


FASTSNAIL grip for Nintendo Switch Joy Con

Extended Play battery pack for Nintendo Switch

There are also great deals on accessories today for the Nintendo Switch. If you want to extend your battery life to play longer when on the go, this Rocketfish battery pack is a great option. In addition, it comes with a stand to make tabletop mode an easy option. You can also check the controller grip for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, which makes it more comfortable to hold the small controllers for multiplayer games on the Switch.