New Steam sale starts on Monday, early deals are live now

Steam’s latest sale technically only starts on May 2, but there are already a lot of good discounts up to launch. Called the Going Rogue Sale, you’ll find a range of roguelikes, roguelites and more at discounted prices – including Rogue Legacy 2, Sekiro and Monster Hunter Rise.

Rogue-type games are (of course) the biggest appeal of sales, and there is no shortage of price reductions on genre standouts. Rogue Legacy 2, which just launched this week, is already down to $ 20. It follows a format similar to the original, though this time you will benefit from improved graphics, new classes, and a reworked bio-generation system. Our review said the game “improves its predecessor in every way”, making it a must-play for roguelit fans.

Sales are not strictly limited to roguelikes, as you will find a number of titles that are tangentially related to the genre in the Going Rogue catalog. Monster Hunter Rise gets a massive discount ($ 30), and with its Sunbreak DLC just around the corner, now’s a good time to start playing. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Nioh 2 are also experiencing major price drops.

More deals will be live on May 2, but you can check out the current savings by switching to Steam. We have also compiled a list of our favorites below. We will be back when the sale officially starts to highlight even more deals in the Going Rogue sale.

Best deals on Steam

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