No More Heroes 3 is coming to PC this fall

This has been announced by publisher Xseed Games it brings No More Heroes 3 to PC and current generation consoles this fall. Xseed has previously released PC ports for the first two No More Heroes games.

The offbeat 3D action series began its life on the Wii and is without a doubt Grasshopper Manufacture and its eccentric lead role, Suda 51’s most famous work. No More Heroes has the misanthropic idiot Travis Touchdown in the lead role as he strives to become the world’s greatest assassin using a laser sword he got from the internet. The series has been defined by its absurd sense of humor, including a now 15-year commitment to get Travis (played to the bottom by Robin Atkin Downes of MGSV fame) to save the game by finding a toilet and dropping a toe. You must at least respect Grasshopper’s commitment to the piece.