The Android Police podcast is back, listen to the first two episodes now

The show is back with a new set of hosts and a new format


The last time the Android Police podcast aired was just before the world shut down, in late February 2020. At the time, the show, along with the website as a whole, looked quite different, with a rotating cast of hosts publishing on Twitch, YouTube, and your favorite audio podcast player. It was a lot to deal with and therefore it was completely unpretentiously shut down.

But after a tumultuous few years, we thought it was time to restart the podcast with a new format, some new hosts, and a more limited (read: sustainable) scope. As of this writing, we have recorded and released two episodes and we plan to release a new episode of 40 minutes each week. We will be aiming for three regular co-hosts: Daniel Bader (me, editor-in-chief), Ara Wagoner (commercial editor) and Taylor Kerns (senior editor), but we will definitely be inviting other regulars from Android Police. , as well as occasional special guests when we screw things up. Each episode is produced by the amazing Jules Wang, who produced each episode of the previous AP podcast.

The format is quite simple: each host brings a specific set of topics based on a theme; the team sticks to the theme for about 10 minutes before moving on to the next person. Some weeks, the entire episode may be devoted to a single topic – if there is a major new Android beta or a recent flagship phone release – but the goal is to keep each episode as interesting and engaging as possible.

Below are the first two episodes that you can listen to right now:

You can also subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast player:

If you have feedback or you are an advertiser who would like to purchase a seat on an upcoming show, feel free to email us.


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