Oh no, Elden Ring’s new update makes Malenia even harder

Elden Ring’s new update apparently contains a bug that makes the Malenia boss fight even harder than it already was – and it’s worth noting that it’s already considered one of the toughest bosses, not just in Elden Ring , but in Souls games more generally.

Before the Elden Ring patch 1.04, Malenia would get some of her health back every time she got a hit on you, but now she heals, even when she misses. It’s an optional boss battle, thank you Elden Lord, but if you’re brave enough to take on The Blade of Miquella, be prepared to deal with yet another frustrating obstacle, at least until FromSoftware fixes this annoying big deal.

malenia_heler_uden_faktisk_slår_den fra r / Eldenring