OnePlus Nord2 finally gets the first Android 12 Open Beta build

Following an earlier release of an Open Beta build of Android 12 for the original Nord, OnePlus has today finally managed to get around to issuing a similar release to the much newer Nord2, which launched in July last year with Android 11 and still stuck on that version of OS even today.

It’s a big shame, but OnePlus is apparently working on fixing it. One small step at a time. The first such step is today’s release of OxygenOS 12 Open Beta 1 for Nord2. As usual with such builds, do not go this route unless you are familiar with bugs and random issues that pop up. Open Beta 1 will make some features of the Nord 1 Pac-Man edition disappear, so maybe skip this altogether if you have one.

OnePlus Nord2 finally gets the first Android 12 Open Beta build

Aside from everything that Google packed into the Android 12 release last year, this update also brings you “AI System Booster 2.1”, which makes “your system run smoothly even when the load is high”, Smart Battery Engine ( a feature that extends battery life (life based on “smart algorithms and biomimetic self-recovery technology”), improved textures on app icons, optimized Extra HD (a feature that can “significantly improve image and video resolutions”), three adjustable Dark mode levels , a bunch of new styles and features for Shelf, Work-Life Balance, Gallery, Canvas AOD and the added HyperBoost end-to-end frame rate stabilizer for games.

If you are interested in the full, long change log, you can find it at the source linked to below, which is also where detailed installation instructions await the brave among you. As for known issues, so far there are only two: Face Unlock may be useless in the dark after turning on the Brighten screen in low light through Settings, and Fortnite will crash.

It is important to remember that one can go from a regular build to an Open Beta without deleting data, but if you are on the Open Beta branch and then want to go back to the primary one, you will have to delete all the content of the phone . Last note: from now on the only available download of OxygenOS 12 is Open Beta 1 for the Indian version of Nord2.