Persona Anniversary adds 2 more messages

Persona’s Japanese 25th anniversary website has quietly added two new announcements to its timeline, sparking speculation about new games.

Person‘s 25th anniversary celebration has been filled with lots of announcements and new content on the way to the hugely popular RPG franchise. Between the recent confirmation of the return of the annual “Persona Super Live” concert to later this year, collaborating with games such as. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and last year Super Monkey Ball: Banana Maniaand March port of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, ATLUS has slowly revealed more and more to celebrate its iconic franchise. Now, with more revelations to come, ATLUS has hinted at even more announcements set for this year.

Despite the recent leaks of Persona 4 Golden coming to Switch and PS4 after arriving on Steam in 2020 and rumors about it Person 5 may be on its way to the Xbox, ATLUS has not yet officially confirmed information on any new upcoming traditional Person games, be it a gate of an old game or Person 6. However, a recent update of the Japanese 25th anniversary site has seen the timeline of the announcement add two new mysterious announcements, listed as “Coming Soon”.

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The Japanese website for Person The franchise’s 25th anniversary recently saw an update to its announcement timeline that added more “Coming Soon” slots. The timeline already contained indefinite announcements set for June and later in August, as well as another mysterious announcement in which the update led many to believe that ATLUS suggests announcements coming to the previously announced “Persona Super Live” event. No official statement has been issued by ATLUS regarding the addition.

Although a future has not been confirmed Person games from ATLUS, the placement of the announcements within the timeline suggests that the details behind these updates may come during the summer. Both added announcements are placed between the June and fall announcements, with the vague window in the fall announcement possibly suggesting that these latest announcements may be scheduled for the concert in October. A message about a future Person the game would follow in the footsteps of the past Person concerts where the developer announces Persona 5 Royal during the concert in 2019.

ATLUS’s mysterious new announcements come as speculation has run wild among fans regarding the future of Person series. A recent report from ATLUS said the company was looking to expand Person series globally, mentioning unified global release windows. Further rumors about Person Games coming to more consoles have been powered by newer releases like Switch Exclusive Shin Megami Tensei 5 and the coming Megami Tensei spin off Soul Hackers 2 coming to Xbox. ATLUS clearly has many more surprising revelations in store Person fans for the rest of 2022.

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