Random: These Pokémon nail polishes ensure you can win any beauty contest

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Photo: uka

That Pokémon the series has pretty much the market in its hollow hand when it comes to the quantity and variety of goods that it has. So no one is going to hit an eyelid with Pokémon nail polish, right?

The Japanese beauty brand uka has created a series of Pokémon-inspired nail polishes. This is the latest in the brand’s ‘Study Series’ collection, which focuses on using colors that bring out your beauty, no matter what skin type you are. There are six different colored lacquers in the collection, each representing an extremely popular Pokémon. There are three colors for adults and three for children – but we say it, and get the color you want!

For adults, we have a creamy beige that represents Meowth, a cappuccino color for Eevee and a Piplup-inspired smoke blue. These are all made with a vegan formula, are quick-drying and contain a serum that helps moisturize your nails.

For the kids (or the kids at heart) there is a much brighter selection. Pikachu gets an electric yellow, of course, Jigglypuff comes in shocking pink, while Scorbunny gets a sunset orange. The difference with these is that they are much easier to remove than regular nail paint, as they are made from a water-based formula that is washed off by soaking your hands in warm water.

They look pretty cute, do they not? And you should at least always look good for a Pokémon battle. Unfortunately, these are not cheap as they will set you back around $ 22 per bottle. You can buy all six as a set, but you may want to take out a small loan for the approximate price of $ 145.

The set can only be pre-ordered online between May 6 and 11, so you have at least a few weeks to save up? Otherwise, the individual 10ml bottles will appear in weekly stores across Japan (and online) from May 13th. Looks like it’s time to make some friends – or hope they show up on Amazon UK!

See, if Xbox can partner with OPI, we think any video game brand can make some good nail polish. Do you agree? Tell us in the comments.