Reggie about Nintendo’s failures, praising Game Pass, talking about NFTs and more

Reggie Fils-Aimé may no longer be employed by Nintendo, but he will forever be a part of the company’s history and fandom. It will always be interesting to hear what the big guy has to say, and he contributed more insight and wisdom at a keynote session for the GamesBeat Summit 2022.

Reggie was a big part of Nintendo for their huge successes, significant failures and everything in between. During the keynote panel, Reggie stated that “the way we learn is to analyze our mistakes and apply those lessons going forward.” Reggie particularly pointed to the Wii U and the 3DS launch price as missteps for Nintendo. The thing is, Nintendo learned from both. The Wii U paved the way for the Switch, and the 3DS price reduction led to great success for the laptop.

Reggie discussed a lot of other topics during his keynote panel, and you can find bullet points for the most notable treats below.

  • Reggie sees Microsoft’s Game Pass as “a really innovative idea”, but they need to improve communications
  • Reggie says Sony needs to solve their supply issues with the Playstation
  • Reggie says the meta-verse is “digital, immersive, a place that has persistence in execution. There’s a common currency. There’s a wide range of different developers who create content for this.”
  • Reggie sees the Meta company as more of a follower and less of an innovator
  • Reggie says he is bullish with NFTs and blockchain
  • Reggie says he has not played Animal Crossing: New Horizons for a while
  • Reggie says he would like a way to make money on his island in the game, but it must be done with care
  • Reggie says the acquisition of Bungie will help Sony in the live service sector
  • Reggie believes Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard from a brilliant financial game
  • Reggie believes there will be an emigration of developers with all of these acquisitions
  • Reggie finds Steam Deck interesting, though he thinks it’s overpriced for what it is
  • Reggie expects E3 to evolve and he believes Geoff Keighley will tackle this year
  • Reggie still believes it’s important to get games in the hands of fans before they start