Bear And Breakfast’s new video shows the game’s management and decoration mechanics

If you’re a fan of extremely cute story-driven management adventure games, you’ll probably have Bear and Breakfast on your radar – you play as the titular bear, Hank, who runs the title “and breakfast”, which is an abbreviation for “bed and breakfast”, which is a type of cozy hotel that offers a bed plus food.

In this new gameplay video, one of the developers of the game, Rares Cinteza, talks to Game Informer about where the idea came from (playing Theme Hospital as a child) and what you can expect from the game itself.

If you’ve played other management games like Two Point Hospital and Zoo Tycoon, you’ll probably recognize the gameplay loop in Bear and Breakfast. You need to renovate various buildings, turn them into cute cabins for people to live in, and improve the area to bring the tourism industry back. As you evolve, you will meet new characters and new tourists with randomized needs, and it’s up to you (a bear) to get them what they need.

“You start with this run-down cabin,” says Cinteza, “but as the game progresses, you get bigger and bigger buildings, and you get more room types – you start getting bathrooms, you start having to worry about food, you start having have to worry about heat, and so on and so forth, until the end of the game, after all, and you have to manage three huge buildings with at least ten types of spaces. “

There are about 220 items used to decorate houses and buildings in the game, Cinteza says, plus the ability to add more in the future if the game succeeds.

As for release dates, there is nothing concrete, but Cinteza says the game is “very close to coming out” and that they are aiming for the first half year. It will be available on Steam and Nintendo Switch at launch.

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