Steam Deck update gives the handheld a lock screen

Steam Deck’s latest operating system update includes a lock screen feature. Now owners of Valve’s handheld PC gaming device can securely set it up with a six-digit PIN to wake it up, boot up, log in or switch to desktop mode – or any combination of the above.

In addition to the new lock screen feature, the latest Steam Deck patch also includes an updated performance page, which loads faster and also has a shift to global stats and your friends’ stats; localized keyboards for 21 languages; and the ability to switch between multiple windows within a single game or app. The full patch notes can be found on the Steam website; a more general version is available if you do not need the finer points.

Steam Deck, which lets users play their Steam PC game library on the go, was launched on February 25 after several production delays, most of them linked to the supply chain and other logistical challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Steam Deck is in a very scarce supply and flooded with so many pre-orders last summer that some units are not scheduled to arrive until sometime after September 2022. Valve said earlier this month that it will increase production and shipping of it portable gaming device.