Rockstar appears to have removed ‘transphobic’ content from GTA 5’s next reissue | VGC

Rockstar has apparently removed several jokes from GTA V’s PS5 and Xbox Series X releases that had previously been considered transphobic by members of the community.

First seen on Reddit, a “Captain Spacetoy Intersteller Transgender” figure that had previously hung in the arcade’s office has been replaced with another action figure.

In the PS4 release, the phrase “Replaceable genitals” can be seen at the bottom of the figure.

The PS5 version of the game removes the figure and moves the other figures around so that the removal is less noticeable.

Grand Theft Auto V and GTA online now on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

Rockstar has also disabled several NPCs from spawning outside certain areas of the game, such as the “Drag Queen” model that would emerge outside the Cockatoos, a club in the game.

While the models still exist in the game’s Director Mode, as pointed out by prominent Rockstar Games community member Kirsty Cloud on Twitter, the character’s dialog lines have been removed.

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Last year, Out Making Games released an open letter to Rockstar Games asking the developer to reconsider transphobic elements of GTA 5, which have been around since the game’s first release in 2013.

Rockstar has not yet commented on the changes.

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