Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is not supposed to get that many updates

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has already shifted into its quarterly update schedule and countdown until it is no longer supported. Yet to this day, it surprises us to see updates continue to be rolled out. In fact, Samsung is doing far better than quarterly.

For this month, the Galaxy Note 9 on Verizon will be updated with the Android security patch for March and build QP1A.190711.020.N960USQS9FVC5. The only change listed is that it “delivers the most up-to-date Android security fixes”, so don’t look at this as a camera or a performance enhancer.

However, this is the fourth update in five months for the Galaxy Note 9. Again, it moved to a quarterly schedule back in September last year, then getting updates in December, January, February and now April. For such an old phone that does not need to be supported in this way, just tilt the hat to Samsung.

Update support should end for Note 9 this fall when it hits its 4-year anniversary, unless Samsung gets mad at us and decides to give it another year. We know that newer Samsung devices will get a 5th year updates, but Note 9 is not planned for that.