Sega removes the only good Sonic games in May

Do you see the blue blur? It’s Sega that removes some of its classic Sonic the Hedgehog titles from digital storefronts.

The publisher announced Tuesday that the four games included in the upcoming one Sonic Origins the collection will be delisted on 20 may: the hedgehog SonicSonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knucklesand Sonic CD. Those who want to buy these games legally after that date will mostly have to procure them via Sonic Origins – and we say most because, as the publisher notes, there are a few Nintendo Switch-related exceptions.

Sega Age’s improved ports in Sonic and Sonic 2 available on the Nintendo Switch eShop will remain for sale, as will the version of Sonic 2 that can be played with the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass. Unfortunately, all the other (very good) gates will disappear, just like a Sonic fan hopes for a good game every time a new title is released.

Sonic Origins coming to consoles and PC on June 23 – a full month after the standalone version of its compiled game will be removed.

Must be downloaded quickly.