Sony developer teases new PlayStation Plus game

PlayStation Plus is being refurbished in June with two new levels, Extra and Premium, which will cost more but give PS Plus subscribers access to far more “free” games. There will be three levels in total in June. The default level will be PlayStation Plus Essential, which is what PlayStation Plus is now in terms of price and offers. Then there is PlayStation Plus Extra. For $ 40 extra per year, PS Plus Extra subscribers get access to a catalog of around 400 PS4 and PS5 games plus everything Essential has to offer. Finally, there’s PlayStation Plus Premium, which for an additional $ 20 gives you everything PS Plus Extra has to offer, plus access to select PS3, PS2 and PS1 games and time-limited game trials. All of this background information is important because this new PlayStation Plus game thriller is only for Extra and Premium subscribers.

During a recent interview, Ilari Kuittine – CEO of Housemaque, which has been owned by Sony since last year – teased the Return in the aforementioned 400 PS4 and PS5 games that will be available to Extra and Premium subscribers at launch in June. We already knew it would be included, but Kuittine had a few more words to say about its inclusion in Eurogamer.

“As you know, it’s been a while since the release. And we know the people who come in [subscriptions] play a lot, “said Kuittine.” There are no hidden costs, if you will, it’s easy to get into. ”

While there are no barriers to access to play Return soon for some PS Plus subscribers there is an entry barrier in terms of gameplay. It is a very challenging game with a steep difficulty curve that is exacerbated by dependence on chance. That said, the CEO of Housemarque subscribers dares to try it in June.

For now, it remains to be seen when and if the PS5 game will be made available to standard PlayStation Plus subscribers, but if that happens, it will be either during June or later. It is unlikely that it will be added in May as it would only cheat the offer Sony is saving for June for Premium and Extra subscribers. That said, right now it looks like some PlayStation Plus subscribers might be cutting the cord before June.