Splatoon 3 will reportedly be “one version”, could regional issues be a thing of the past?

Splatoon 3
Image: Nintendo

Looks like we’ve got some more new information on the upcoming Switch release, Splatoon 3. According to Dataminers, there will reportedly be only “one version” of the third team-based squid shooter game available worldwide.

As explained by the well-known Nintendo computer miner OatmealDome, Splatoon and Splatoon 2 had “unique versions” for each region – to facilitate regional data delivery for matchmaking and events such as Splatfests.

This means that there may not be regional restrictions in place for Splatoon 3 – such as region-specific unlockings and events. As a result, you could also potentially buy future DLC from anyone Change eShop and it would still work. Language settings would not be a problem either. Here is the full overview:

[Splatoon 3] Splatoon 3 will have * one version * worldwide. Nintendo does not ship individual versions to North America, Europe / Oceania and Japan as they did for Splatoon 1 and 2. (Many thanks to @thomasnet_mc)

Splatoon 1 and 2 both had unique versions for each region. This was used to facilitate regional data delivery for things like Splatfest and matchmaking parameters. (Unfortunately, this also caused confusion as copies of regional versions “escaped” their intended areas.)

So what does that mean? You can buy any potential Splatoon 3 DLC from any region’s eShop. 2. You can play Splatoon 3 in any supported language (EN / JP / FR / etc), no matter where your copy came from. 3. It’s left to see how regional Splatfests work (if at all).

Also: If Nintendo continues the practice of distributing unlock codes for gear like “DLC”, well, then regional equipment will no longer be a thing.

This decision sounds like it will make the game even more accessible worldwide, and (again) it could mean that Splatfest is potentially just one themed event globally. How would you like it if Nintendo just released “one version” of the Splatoon 3 without so many regional barriers or differences? Leave your thoughts below.