The Last of Us 2 Ellie Cosplay gets confused as a screenshot from the game

A cosplayer has perfectly recreated one of Ellie’s most traumatic moments from The last of us 2. The Naughty Dogs long-awaited sequel arrived in 2020 after a seven-year wait, and within the first two hours, it shocked fans. Naughty Dog made no secret of the fact that players would play as Ellie in The last of us 2but it was not clear why she was the main character, although there were theories about what was going on with Joel, no one was able to predict how disruptive his role in the game would be.

In the first section of the game, Joel is put in a corner by Abby, a character who is both a main character and an antagonist, and mercilessly beaten. Knowing that he’s probably in danger, Ellie goes to find Joel and ends up stumbling across Abby’s group torturing him. Unfortunately, he is murdered right in front of her. She looks helplessly and the player is left with an empty feeling in his stomach. In some way, cosplayer Sandra Miller was able to perfectly recreate this scene with a unique image of her dressed as Ellie. The picture is so perfect that many people in the answers were confused as to how this is not a screenshot from the photorealistic game. The Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann also came along to express his admiration for the post. “Hold up. It’s cosplay ?! So good !!!,” he said Druckmann on Twitter.

The post is both a testament to the lifelike graphics that Naughty Dog was able to achieve, and Miller’s ability to so closely recreate one of the most memorable moments from the game. Miller’s cosplay is just one of many great efforts to recreate The Last of Us in real life. The post also starts to drive the imagination wild about how HBO will achieve this scene. We’ve already got a few unofficial looks at Joel and Ellie in HBO’s adaptation of The last of usbut many of us are still patiently waiting for a trailer or more official photos from the show.

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