The annoying Google Messages battery drain error is about to be fixed

The issue has affected many around the world, but Google is rolling out an update

If your phone’s battery has drained like crazy for no apparent reason in the last few months, Google Messages may have been the culprit. As reported on Reddit, it appears that the app is draining the battery for some people who use it to take and send pictures while the app is stuck asking the camera in the background. Fortunately, Google has already found the issue and is rolling out a fix.

As reported by The Verge, Google’s communications chief Scott Westover confirmed to the publication that a fix is ​​currently being rolled out to users. If you encountered the problem and identified that Messages is one of the apps that drains most of your battery, be sure to check the Play Store for updates. If you want to skip the wait, you can also check if the latest version of the app over at APK Mirror fixes things for you.

If it still does not remedy any Messages-related battery drain you are experiencing, there is another solution you may want to investigate. Apparently, it helps to revoke the camera permission to Messages, which you can do by tapping and holding the app icon on your home screen and then going to the app info screen. From there, you can check for permissions and revoke it to the camera.

While this bug is not specific to Pixel phones, where many other devices also come with the Google Messages app pre-installed, it is symptomatic of the wide range of bugs that Google’s flagship phones keep showing. First of all, Pixel 6 phones are still waiting to get Dirty Pipe exploit fixed, and they have been experiencing delays in updates and connectivity issues ever since they were released, where Google took its sweet time solving issues.

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