This mod makes Elden Ring a hassle-free co-op adventure

My experiences trying to play the Elden Ring with real-life friends have been as arduous as my trip to Erdtree. Just as I think I’m getting closer, I fall into a ravine, or discover that there is a whole new land between me and my goal. Such is the struggle to make co-op work that I wonder if all these interruptions, invasions, summonses that do not appear, and the inability to ride horses or travel quickly together are part of the game’s big message about the necessity of suffering.

Well, I say “hoof” to all that and let me play LukeYui’s mod instead, which makes Elden Ring a hassle-free co-op game (thanks, PCGamesN). The mod, which is still running, claims to remove “all multiplayer limits and allow connections to continue after death.”