The Fire Ring Summon has a cool secret ability that most people will not see

A ghostly archer fires magic arrows.

Screenshot: From Software / Kotaku

While practical as a backup against the bosses, Elden Ring‘S call can usually be pretty hjerneløs. But a particularly crafty spiritual ash is worth completing a short mission to acquire, if only to see her unique interactions with wildlife of countries from.

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Latenna the Albinauric is basically a tower. She moves rarely from the place where she is summoned, and prefer instead to sneak enemies from afar with his magical bow. When Latenna encounter one of Elden Ring‘S big horrible wolves, she will be climbing aboard the system and use it as a mountain that mimic other albinauric archers that you encounter in a late game area.

This gives Latenna access to a new freezing fog attack via the wolf’s stomach, not to mention much greater mobility. That said, as Latenna ranks among Elden Ring‘S best spirit ash in large part because you can place her away from the fight, the wolf’s tendency to throw her in danger be a little counterproductive.

Of course, like almost everything in Elden Ringthere are some interesting narrative explanations behind this mechanic.

Latenna is, as her name suggests, a Albinauric, a race described the game as “created and refined by human hands.” Albinaurics available in two different variants: quite normal-looking humanoids with weak or non-functioning legs and cartwheeling fish men with black, bulging eyes. Latenna belong to the former, and when you find her cottage by the sea behind a cave in Liurnia region, ensures she Lobo, her wolf-allied death.

After fulfilling certain history requirements will Latenna ask to accompany you on a trip to Miquellas Haligtree. If you agree, she will willingly sacrifice themselves and become a strong spiritual ashes.

As shown above, the mounted flooring remains hostile, if there is no other enemies nearby, and may damage both the Latenna and the player with their istågeformular. Latenna will also unload arrows into the wolf’s head while on its back, creating an awkward, one-sided battle between her and her hijacked mountain, eventually resulting in its death.

It is unclear whether Latena’s wolf-twisting mechanic is intended or perhaps an unintentional detention from a time during Elden Ring development. That said, I would not be surprised to hear that FromSoftware left this little Easter egg in the game on purpose as a nod to Latena’s origins as Albinauric and her camaraderie with Lobo.

Elden Ring‘s secrets are great and varied. It’s obvious we still have a lot to learn, but luckily there are plenty of people still digging into this massive game over a month after its wildly successful launch.