The Last of Us Remake leaked by Naughty Dog Developer

A developer working at Naughty Dog seems to have almost confirmed that the studio is working on a remake of The last of us. Reports first surfaced last year claiming that a remake of the original game in the franchise was in the works for PlayStation 5. Since then, both Naughty Dog and PlayStation have not yet formally announced that the project is in the works, which has received many fans to wonder if it’s actually coming. Fortunately, this new leak now appears to have confirmed the new version of The last of us on the way.

Spot on the LinkedIn profile of Corey Hong, who works as a QA Tester at Naughty Dog, it was said that the studio is in the process of developing some form of remake right now. Hong, who started working at Naughty Dog in 2019, is said to be the contact point for an “unannounced remake project” that is under development. The profile did not go on to confirm that this remake was associated with The last of usbut given the previous reports that we have heard, it seems obvious that this is what the project is associated with.

At this point, questions regarding the legitimacy of The last of us recreated for PS5 has essentially been put to rest. Instead, the only thing we keep waiting for is an actual announcement of the game. In all likelihood, such an announcement looks set to come from Naughty Dog and PlayStation this year, especially given that the game is rumored to be launched in 2022. Then again, other rumors have suggested that a release will only happen in 2023. No matter what ends up happening, we’ll be sure to bring you more news on this issue of The last of us here at as we learn more.

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[H/T ResetEra]